Pushing the Envelope: Twidoodling

Well we held the world's first ever Twidoodle and it was fantastic. You can take a look at how mums doodled their thoughts right here. You can even join in and share your own doodles too, whenever you want - we would love to see them.

So what do mums think about? Sleep. Chocolate (thanks go to Raw Choc Pie for their delicious chocolatey treats as prizes). Wine. Tea. Coffee. Our children. Sleep again. All the things we have failed to do that are still on our to do lists. Work. Washing. Highchairs. What to eat, what not to eat. Cystitis. Sleep. Going on twitter. Guilt. Holidays. Sleep... Check out some of the doodles and the chat below.

Thanks so much to all the fabulous mums for joining us on our risky adventure into the doodling unknown. It was such good fun. We're going to do it again, soon. Well, maybe not doodling this time, but something creative and experimental and easy and fun. Come and join us...