Pippa's week of happy moments


Banana Caramel cake and chatter in Penlee Park with three other lovely mums and their children, skies clearing to reveal sunshine, and conveniently being in the toilet when the seagull pooed on our table.


A quiet moment lying next to my exhausted toddler at bedtime in his little bed, cuddling, chatting about the day and hearing his ‘best bit’ was us doing a puzzle together while his baby sister slept.


Remembering a lost friend and trying to live in the moment with non-stop kissing of my baby’s delicious neck as she opens her mouth wide and crinkles her eyes in delight.


A brief moment of peace on a crazy Mazey Day, finding a quiet spot to breastfeed in the Arts Club away from everyone and far enough from the stupidly loud dance music for it to make me feel nostalgic instead of irritated.


Early evening sunshine, still hot, bit rowdy, rare cold beer in hand, grinning, dressed as a pirate, sat on the pavement as Golowan stalls pack down around us and the fair still blares, pirate husband on just the right side of boozy, pirate baby smiling at happy people everywhere, and pirate toddler and his pirate buddy concentrating on filling abandoned traffic cones with pebbles.


Watching my toddler and my brother exploring ‘dinosaur island’ and ‘fairy island’ at Newlyn Art Gallery, my son chattering happily about Triceratyrannosauruses and my brother looking amusingly nervous that said toddler is about to jump on the exhibit.


A rare morning spent catching up with my brother while he held the baby and I tidied, washed, cooked up all the leftovers and readied to finish off Herman the German Friendship Cake.