Pippa's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

Pippa's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

A Meditation For The Last Few Minutes of Work-Time Before Collecting The Kids

For once, instead of working up until the absolute last possible Oh-SH*T-I’m-going-to-be-late second to leave the house, I am stopping five minutes early.

And I will sit here and look out the window, instead of at my computer screen.

And I will try to let the list of Important Things that I need to DO that rushes straight into my head... rush straight out again.

And I will ignore the toys on the floor, and the ping of an email, and buzz of my phone.

And if I need to go for a wee, I will go for a wee, instead of holding it in and rushing out the door because there isn’t enough time for that.

And I will breathe. And sit.

And be proud of all I have achieved today, even if it wasn’t as much as I had hoped.

Because I am managing this juggling of work and life and home and somehow getting through it.

And I will take a moment to let my heart fill with delight at the thought of my children’s beautiful faces and what a pleasure it will be to spend time with them again.

Because, truly, everything else can wait.

Apart from that wee.