Pippa's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

Pippa's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

A Meditation for Washing Up

Here I am washing up again. As I pick bits of cereal out from under my nails, scrub crusted saucepans that haven't yet soaked, and stack more plates than I really should unsafely in my drying rack to avoid drying them, I try to shift from grumpy resentment into my little washing up meditation...

Here goes.

The water running over my hands reminds me of the sea.

try to remember moments of peace, of my skin being caressed by the water as I splash and swim and float on my back looking up at the sky.

I am reminded that I am made of water. This miraculous liquid that connects us, cleans us, and supports us.

And I am reminded of how lucky I am to have access to clean hot water, at the turn of my tap.

I can protect my children from germs with a simple squirt of washing up liquid, and a wipe.

I am so lucky to have them, healthy and here.

I may think I hate washing up. But this life, of clean water, good health, regular food, this life of washing up is a gift.

Now all I need is a drying up meditation, or one that will magically imbue me with safer stacking skills.