The most important people in story of mum are the mums taking part. You can find more about the amazing creative mums already joining in at mums

A bit more information on Pippa and Penny Best whose online baby this originally was:

Pippa Best

I live in Cornwall, UK with my salty-skinned surfing film-making husband, boisterous 4 year old boy who thinks he’s an Octonaut, and nearly 2 year old daughter who inspires me by saying YES as if it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Life is a constant plate-spin of intuitive mothering and my work as a feature film script editor and project manager. My passion is - especially making up crazy activities to try and hosting our #somum Mums’ Make Dates (2nd Wed. of every month from 8.30 – 10pm GMT on Twitter).

My friend Loz Hardman died suddenly in 2009, She was an incredible source of  brilliant parenting, work and relationship advice, and offered the world everything she had. Her life was my inspiration to just try this and see what happens.

Penny Best

As well as being a mum of 3 grown 'children' and now a grandmum of 3, at heart I am a dancer! Professionally a supervisor, researcher and trainer involved in learning through creative playfulness now for over 40 years. Fascinated by the power of the body's mind.

I am inspired by my daughter's passion and her creative energies. Loving working with her ; holding on to her shirt tails as she whizzes around the digital world.  I hope other older experienced mums, grandmums, greatgrandmums get inspired to share their numerous identity transitions. 


And more about our marvellous marketing mum Shireen Cunliffe who has joined us to help promote storyofmum:

Shireen Cunliffe

A mum to a cheeky tiddler and his even cheekier much older sister, Shireen also works part time as a Marketing & PR consultant. With over 16 years experience, she is about to launch her own 'business' inspired by her two children. Shireen relocated to Cornwall with her husband, swapping high street fashion for muddy wellies, chickens and a mad English Bull Terrier. She wouldn't have it any other way!


WILD, Hayle Day Centre and our 'tester mums'

Finally, a very special thanks goes to the Penzance and Hayle WILD mums who have helped us develop the project (Penzance mums pictured here). You can also spot the fabulous Anna Murphy here on the right, who has been so instrumental in the workshops so far.


Check out this fabulous picture from Steve Tanner's Asylum Studios, from when we all went to see Kneehigh Theatre's The Red Shoes, adapted by Anna.





We've also worked with mums,  grandmums and great-grandmums at Hayle Day Centre to see how the idea works for different generations, with artists Amanda White and Jo McIntosh.  Some of the mums, nans, and grandmums of Hayle Day Care Centre can be seen working on tasks for story of mum (right).

And not forgetting our band of tester mums who have played with the site prior to launch, helping us to iron out glitches, rethink tasks, and explore how the website might actually work when more mums join in... and become part of the people that make up storyofmum.