Our Mums' Poems: On Film

Our Mums' Poems: On Film

As part of our Story of Mum: Mums Making an Exhibition of Ourselves tour, two wonderful poets have already interpreted the words you have shared with us as part of our communal Mums' Poem

Their 'curated' versions of the poem, very different in style, are below.

At our last Mums' Make Date in Penzance, Sally Crabtree created a song inspired by the words submitted to the giant Mums' Poem, including more submissions from the mums in the room that night.

It was genius and hilarious and comes with a heartfelt guarantee to make you feel better about yourself.


Sally Crabtree is an international songwriting poet and children’s author who has become well known for her unique brand of interactive poetry installations and performances such as her Poetree, Poems in a Tin, Phone a Poem, The Poetry Postie, Poetry Bingo and  "I'll Eat My Words" edible poetry.

She has been described as “one of Britain’s richest inventions “ (bu Lars Gustafsson, nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature) due to her innovative approach to presenting words in ways that delight and inspire all those who engage with them. You can find out more about her on her website, and watch a snippet of a song from Magic Train Ride here.

In Milton Keynes, Caroline Davies stayed true to the form of a Kenning - using some the lines submitted by mums to describe ourselves without using the word 'mother'. It's a beautiful and touching response to our submissions.


Caroline Davies is a poet and blogger as well as being the mother of two sons. Her first collection, Convoy, based on the experiences of my mother and grandfather during WW2 is published by Cinnamon Press.‎  Website:  http://advancingpoetry.blogspot.com/
Next up will be the ever inspiring Hollie McNish - come and join us in London at The Photographers Gallery on 18 October. Bookings open soon... I can't wait!
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