Our Mums' Poem curated by Caroline Davies

Our Mums' Poem curated by Caroline Davies

Pippa writes... "For our Milton Keynes launch, the lovely Caroline Davies curated her own poem from the words that mums have submitted to our giant collaborative poem so far.

Traditionally in a kenning, the listener has to guess what the poem is talking about - it's a kind of riddle.  

Hence the title: What Am I? (also a question that I've asked myself MANY times since becoming a mum...)

We'll be sharing a film of Caroline reading her poem to an audience of appreciative mums at our Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves launch event in Milton Keynes here very soon. 

We would love you to add your own line to our giant mums' poem here. At each exhibition event, another poet will create a new motherhood poem from our words to share. You can read a piece that Caroline wrote about our launch event on her blog.

In the meantime, you can read Caroline's beautiful poem below."



What am I?

Stumbling creator
milk maker
fearless warrior

ball juggler
plate spinner
food organiser

selfless cuddler
patient listener
kiss giver

spider catcher
nightmare banisher
love multiplier

den builder
chocolate giggler
biscuit referee 

forgiving protector
angel summoner
light in the dark

singer of songs
weaver of words
teller of tales

dream keeper
child harbour


You can find out more about Caroline at her website Advancing Poetry - her poetry is published by Cinnamon Press.

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