Not very complimentary

The lovely Kat Pearce shares how she feels about compliments. A special guest post to complement our Take a Compliment activity. We'd love you to join in and make your own.

I was never someone who dished out compliments easily. If someone asked for my opinion I would give it, remembering to be tactful if needed. I suppose I never thought my opinion was something other people were interested in so I didn't bother to share it. Lacking in confidence? You could say that! 

Slowly I have realised when people appreciate a little compliment here or there. Nothing dramatic, just a verbal nudge to say they have made a difference and it was noticed. That is all most people want, just to be noticed.

I have become a lot more confident with my compliments over the last year. I think I can put most of it down to blogging and Twitter. I have felt the glow from supportive comments and I love how good it feels. I lapped it up when I was diagnosed with PND. Now, a year on, I feel in a position to support others in the same way.  

As far as receiving compliments goes, I am RUBBISH!! I laugh them off, always, thinking people are just being nice. The only time I take people seriously is if I have made a real effort and am quietly pleased with the result. 

I saw my Uncle just before Christmas. He is my Dad's brother and an absolute gent. Imagine my surprise when he said "How are you then little lady? You look totally knackered!". Truth is I was. But I didn't expect him, of all people, to comment on it. I was left a little speechless, but a little pleased I didn't have to pretend otherwise. 

This year I hope to learn to accept compliments graciously. I'm not overwhelmed with them, so I've made a Compliment Box with story of mum. You can see some of the compliments I've received so far in the photo above...

I shall keep my box safe to remind me that while I am my harshest critic, others offer a view I don't get to see. 

Join Kat and others at story of mum and make a simple paper Compliments Box to save the compliments YOU receive. Save them to remind you of your fabulousness as you write them down, and  look back through them on the down days.