Noodle Doodle

What really goes on in a mum's head? Grab a felt tip, a crayon or a biro and get doodling. Show us what's going on in your head right now.

Thanks to the lovely SteppyDoodles for the encouragement. Don't worry about being any good. Just jump in and join us in a scribble. We're thinking fast not fancy.

You can see mums doodling and chatting about their doodles in this blogpost about our Twidoodle Party.


What are you thinking right now? What thoughts come to you most often during the day?

There are no rules here. The great thing about a doodle is it doesn't have to be good. It can be a pattern, a word, a picture or a scrawl...

Doodle without a plan, just as you would while talking on the phone, in a meeting, wherever you doodle. If you don't doodle, draw or write...

You don't need fancy art equipment or fancy artistic aspirations. You just need to pootle with a pen. With whatever writing/doodling implement is close to hand. Grab it and go.

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