Nightfeeds, peeing and Harry Potter

Having finally spoken to and cuddled my madly working husband for the first time in days, settling into a blissful 'dream feed' with my dozing girl, her tiny cheeks puffing, her hand softly stroking my skin, so beautiful.

Walking through the park in light rain, baby girl singing in the sling as I chat away to her unselfconsciously, pointing out tiny blue flowers and huge leaves, both of us smiling at random passersby who smile back.

A brief but much needed soak in a scented bath with my baby grinning and trying to make kissing noises back at me every time I peep over the top of the tub.

Trying to rush my son to the sea for a pee, pants round his ankles, on a nearly sunny Porthgwidden beach, only he decides to hold on to me, plank forward and do it just there, with me belly laughing at his immediate and shameless approach to weeing.

The end of a difficult day - pannacotta, a cup of tea and finally a moment to think about me instead of everyone else, with joyful chatter and insights from a mentor by skype, continuing even when baby wakes and joins us quietly before falling back to sleep.

A cold can of lemonade and a sit-down on a shady park bench on a warm day as baby smiles toothlessly from pram.

Kids in bed and I should be catching up on sleep but I'm watching the first Harry Potter film, stage one of my unlikely-to-be-fulfilled plan of watching them all again before seeing the final film in the cinema, feeling excited and sad and nostalgic and happy, I love Harry Potter.