Nathalieb meets Mother Nature

Nathalieb meets Mother Nature

The Leaf

Working with children everyday is very grounding. Alongside my studies and research, I learn so much from children everyday.

Yesterday my 6 year old son became my teacher.

We were walking to the car after school pick up, it was cold, windy and about to rain. As we walked through the school grounds together having a chat, my little man climbs over giant rocks, jumping off them and zigging and zagging through any obstacle he could find.

As we reach the foot path , he suddenly stopped, looked down and picked up a very ordinary looking leaf. The footpath was covered in leaves.

"Mummy look at this beautful leaf" he says, like he has found a rare diamond.
"Uhmm - yes its a nice enough leaf"

His eyes lit up "Mummy its amazing & beautiful, look at the colour, its so bright, you can see its bits inside, its like a star but feels like a nacho & its so different to the other leaves- I love autumn, the trees share their leaves for me to play with"

Well talk about stopping me in my tracks, I was caught up in his moment and he made me look at that simple leaf through the eyes and world of a child.

What did I learn from my son & his beautiful leaf?

* Gratefullness for special moments with him
* Nature is beautiful
* We are all like the leaf, with our own special qualities
* We are 1 in a million
* Taking the time to stop and appreciate
* It can be fun on the harder path
* Everyone & everything is unique
* Never Judge on appearances
* We all have our own beauty