My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by Rachael

My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by Rachael

Once upon a time there was a... Little girl who loved words. She was a quiet child and did not speak very much but she would write stories – sometimes they would rhyme, but not always. She called some of these rhyming stories poems.

She had a problem... She wanted to use her words to help people – to write stories and poems that shared her journey, and helped others with theirs. But she didn’t know how to go about this. Also, some of her teachers explained that her stories and poems weren’t very good – she rarely followed the rules when it came to creativity.

So she decided to... Study a language while she figured out what to do with her life! She studied hard and got a job, because that’s what people do. She fell into admin and PA roles. She was very good at this work and worked her way up until she landed in a Communications department, where she was given the opportunity to be a bit more creative.

On her journey she fought foes and faced challenges... The girl’s biggest ‘foe’ was herself. She kept holding herself back, for fear of not being good enough... For fear of uncovering her light.

But along the way, she also met allies and mentors... She was pushed, gently, by loving mentors who saw the light in her and went out of their way to help her re-ignite it. Friends held her hands (and still do) along the way...

She learnt that growth can be extremely uncomfortable at times! And that sometimes it’s easier to stay in the dark... But that it’s only in the light that we can reach our full potential, so she kept on...

And in the end... She turned towards the light and found that she had a talent for using words to help others uncover and share their lights too. So in the end, that’s what she did.