My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by Pippa

My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by Pippa

The Magical Milk-Maker

Once upon a time there was a new mum, shell-shocked by the arrival of her first (and then her second) child…

She had a problem: she couldn’t breastfeed in the way she had hoped and she felt like a failure – she couldn’t solve problems in the way she used to in her old life, and she didn’t have the magical milk-making instincts she had always been told that she would…

So she decided to… try her best, and then try some more, while crying a lot - and when none of that worked, to mix-feed, while crying some more and trying some more…

On her journey she fought foes and faced challenges… she tried to quiet the voices in her mind that told her that she wasn’t good enough; she tried to shake out the unfortunate choice of words from a health visitor that had caused her to weep through the night at her baby’s “suffering”; and she tried to feel OK about the fact that her body wasn’t working as all the mothering wisdom had told it would.

But along the way, she also met allies and mentors… an amazing breastfeeding counsellor called Helen Shanahan who celebrated every tiny weight gain, and helped her to feel normal and less of a failure, and other mums struggling with babes who weren’t growing in line with the ‘charts’

She learnt that she wasn’t defined by whether she could breastfeed in the way she had hoped, or by how much weight her baby gained in a week. But that what really mattered was how much she loved her children, and how that guided the choices she made every day

And in the end, her children thrived regardless of whether she could breastfeed or not - and slowly but surely she began to believe that although her magic wasn’t milk-making magic, her magic was good enough.