My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by Pippa

My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by Pippa

The Quest for a Better Question 

Once upon a time there was a young woman who believed that her only real value lay in what she could do, or deliver – in fact, in how she could answer the annoying social chit chat question ‘so, what do you do…?’,

She had a problem: when she became a mother and she didn’t work any more, she had no clue at all who she was any more… and she didn’t know how to answer that question, so she avoided occasions where she might be asked it…

So she decided to… well, to be honest, she was so confused by it all that she didn’t really decide to do anything – she just about coped with sleepless nights, and a complete loss of identity, and tried to adjust to the new role as best she could.On her journey she fought foes and faced challenges… her biggest foe was the fog of pressure she felt from society and mass media to become either a perfect working mother, or a perfect stay-at-home mother – and her biggest challenge was to find out who on earth she was underneath all the stupid labels.

But along the way, she also met allies and mentors… amazing inspiring mamas who helped her to see that there was no perfect, that failing was fine, that social and career status didn’t make her as happy as knowing who she was, what she loved, and why.

She learnt that there were much more interesting things to talk about than ‘so, what do you do…?” and that no one can be defined by their job. Our value does not lie in what we do, but in what we love.

And in the end… she answered that annoying question with a better question. She started to say “I’m a mother, I create stuff, I love looking at the sea, I swim and zumba and do yoga, I script edit, run a film lab, I champion other amazing mothers in an online mamas community, I try my best to spread joy and kindness and happiness as far as I can. But what about you, what do YOU love most of all…?”