My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by BobbinWriter

My Life, the Fairy-Tale, by BobbinWriter

Once upon a time there was a…. young girl who thought she had a key to The Secret Garden.

She had a problem: it was a key for her Nan's back door and her parents were a bit cross she'd taken it home (more than 60 miles).

So she decided to… lose herself in a good storybook instead and even make up her own tales. She grew up to become a writer.

On her journey she fought foes and faced challenges: nagging doubts that she couldn't make a success of it, that she wouldn't have the time, or couldn't do this on top of other commitments in her life.

But along the way, she also met allies and mentors: other writers who shared their own doubts, failures, and successes.

She learnt... a bad first draft is always better than a blank page. It's better to be doing something, than nothing.

And in the end… she wrote stories that people could relate to and that she enjoyed writing. The key to her success was in not giving up on her dream.