Museum of Mum

Imagine a museum celebrating motherhood. Picture a cabinet in that museum dedicated to showing your life as a mother. It has three windows. In each window, doodle an item to represent your life as a mum - one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

We tried this activity at our June Mums' Make Date' - see all the action here. And there really is an amazing Museum of Motherhood (M.O.M.) in New York - visit them online!


Don't worry, you don't have to be good at drawing, or clever, or witty, or anything other than a mum with a pen. Use a biro and a scrap of paper, or all the felt tips in the house. Colour is good, and so is black and white.

Check out our Noodle Doodle activity last month to see how mums' doodles can range from the teeniest of scribbles to elaborate drawings. Whatever you do will be loved by us, so don't be shy. And if you don't want to draw at all, you can just write the words, that's fine too. Anything goes.

In the spirit of anything goes, you can of course draw any kind of museum cabinet you like - it just needs three sections.

And you can put any kind of object you want in each section - even if you think it's completely random and won't mean anything to anyone else. That's perfect.

If you'd like some questions to prompt your doodling, here they are...

1. PAST: What object do you think of first when you think of your past as a mum?

2. PRESENT: What object do you handle most as a mum today? (Take a peek at Handle With Care to see some of the many things mums touch in a day...)

3. FUTURE: What object do you hope to see in your future as a mum?

If you're still stuck, check out our Thingspiration activity to see some objects that have inspired mums to share about our lives.

How fascinating would it be to walk round a museum full of objects that mean something to mums from all over the world? Hopefully story of mum is a bit like that. Thank you for joining us and making it special.

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