Mums' Reward Charts - what do we think?

This month's Mums' Make Date was all about Mums' Reward Charts - what we deserve, why we deserve it, and how we can go about getting it more often!

As always, a fabulous time was had by all, and fabulous prizes won by two lovely mums, care of me and NPW Gifts.


We talked about all the amazing everyday things we do as mums that deserve more appreciation - or even just a thank you. Waking up, changing wriggling nappies, kissing bumps, biting our tongue, getting out the door in time, juggling work and home, switching gears, multitasking, not flipping out at the question 'why...?', thinking for everyone, inventing dishes, bedtimes, washing, letting everyone else have the best bits... The to do list is endless.

Well, let's give ourselves a gold star for every single one of those things. Instead of being frustrated at the lack of thank yous and cups of tea coming our way, let's find our own way of appreciating all that we do. And a big fat chart on the fridge showing how ace we are? Maybe the kids will notice that...!

We talked about the secret dreams for US that we don't make enough time for - work plans, writing, creating, dancing, getting fitter, volunteering, or even just a daily nap. What could we do in ten minutes that would help us get closer to that dream? Maybe it's ten minutes of yoga, or ten minutes of writing...

We thought of cheap treats we could reward ourselves - a walk kicking up Autumnal leaves, time to read a good book, babysitters, wine and chocolate and chocolate wine... And then we shared our Mums' Reward Charts - lots of gold stars and mum-treats coming this way soon!

Read some highlights of our chat below.

Join us and add your own. Because mums deserve gold stars too.