Mum's Reward Chart

Get a free book full of Mamas' Reward Charts - and share your chart with us at Story of MumWhy should the kids get all the stickers...?

Make yourself a chart to reward all the amazing things you do as a mum, to meet a new challenge, or just as an excuse for cake. Share your chart here. Then come back and update your post with news of how you got on...

You can hear from mums who made Reward Charts at our Mums' Make Date here. Get our popular How to be a Gold Star Mama ebook stuffed with rewards charts FREE when you join us!


Make your chart however you like - you can read this post for some ideas. On your computer, scribbled on a piece of card, we don't mind how it looks - it's what it says that matters.

These are the basic rules of kiddy reward charts, so stick to these and you can't go far wrong:

  • Reward small repeated tasks (don’t request one-off world-changers, that will just lead to a frustrated tantrum)
  • Set up interim small treats to spur you on along the way
  • Reward sticking to your goals with a big treat
  • Focus on one particular task to ram it home OR just reward a wide range of general ‘good stuff’ (bit flexible that rule, see what works for you!)
  • Always leave enough room for really cool stickers

Get yourself some stickers, stick your reward chart on the fridge, and start to celebrate all the ace stuff you're doing - go YOU!

Stick a photo of your chart up here (log in, then click on Join In above) so we can send you gold star vibes, and come back to edit your post to tell us how you got on. If you'd like to share a blog post about your reward chart adventures, we'd love to have it, so get in touch!

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Onestopbugshop's Reward Chart

Forgot to reward myself, but I guess 'Glass of wine' would do it!

Pippa's Reward Chart

The best reward is always love. With cake.

Kat Sighs's Reward Chart

So far it's looking good for a magazine, 15 minutes reading and a child free morning... Get in!!! x

Tatmummy's Reward Chart

Some days getting through without committing murder is worth a star. Especially if you have a teen. I like this chart as it looks like it's been drawn by a desperate woman with a crayon. ;)

Penny's Reward Chart

My hopes for my activities and rewards!