Mums' Make Date storifed: #lovemumbody hits twitter

Last 'make date' we doodled. This time we squidged our very own lovable mum-bodies in playdough, plasticine and clay. Mums came together on twitter to talk about our bodies and share photos of the bits we'd love to love more. Read some of our best bits below..

The response to the Love Mum Body theme this month has been amazing. So many beautiful, wise and moving words from guest bloggers, so many great twitter comments, so many beautiful mum-bodies celebrated in the gallery.

If you haven't added your body yet, do it. Be brave. Let go some of your mum-body fears - by naming them, sharing them, and showing other mums that we are all the same. Our bodies are different, but our hearts are full.

Jim Rohn famously said "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live". And we mums share that place with others. Love your body, for life stems from it. Life lives in it. Your mum-body is a miracle. And it performs miracles every day. That holds true whether or not you gave birth to your children, and for however long you held them.  Your body knows them and loves them.

Be healthy, yes. Be strong, yes. But don't be self-critical. Don't waste a lifetime comparing yourself to others whose bodies are different to your own. Respect the changes motherhood has brought you. Love every expanding inch of your mum-body.

Our first question to mums at the Make Date asked us to describe our bodies in three words. They make a wonderful poem together:

blue bear wood body

My Mum Body

Close my eyes

So not perfect

Growing, strong, achey

I gave birth

Wobbly, soft, sleepy

Wobbly, stretched and loved

Stretched, functional, softer

Boobs too big

Could do better

Different, strong, squishy

Cuddly, curvy and loved

Rounder, softer, awesomer

Sexy, soft, tired.

Absolutely bloody amazing

Read the rest of our chat in the storify below, and come join us in loving that absolutely bloody amazing mum body of yours.

Thanks to all the wonderful mums who are taking part this month. And thanks to Emily at Pure Nuff Stuff for helping us to love our bodies more.