Mumra and Other Thunderous Kats

That marvellous Kat Pearce of Kat a Pillar shares how and why she's taking her place in the world. Our third guest post in this month's Mama Activism series:

The very lovely Pippa asked me if I was interested in writing a post on Mama Activism for her wonderful Story of Mum blog. Obviously I jumped at the chance. I was flattered to have been asked and I wanted to support a wonderful lady who has made a huge difference to my life. 

Now I am sat here trying to think of what on earth to say.

Powerful Mum, me?? 

Physically, I'm pretty strong. That comes from lugging two boys about that weigh 2 stone each! Emotionally, I can be strong when I have to as long as I get a suitable amount of time to fall apart when everyone else is ok again. Mentally, I'm getting there after a year of PND and antidepressants. I feel ready to take on new challenges this year, while last year getting up was a big enough challenge! As for life changing, world shaping or making a difference. I'm not too sure about that...

About 10 years ago, I trained as a Reiki healer with a beautiful woman who I am pleased to say is now one of my best friends. I wanted to help everyone, I wanted everyone to feel as good and alive as I did. I couldn't understand why people held themselves back from achieving their goals or ambitions.

She gave me some advice: "Kat, you can't heal the world".

I felt a little crushed and confused at the time. That is exactly what I wanted to do with my new gift. What use was it otherwise? How could she say that, when she too was a healer in many therapies? I didn't understand at all. 

kat and snake

Now, I realise the weight of the problems in our beautiful world.  I realise that she was right. "I" can't heal the world. Not on my own. I am just one messenger of thousands, millions maybe, wanting to make the world a better place for all of our beautiful children to enjoy and be safe.

All I can do is look after "My World". If I am the best I can be, if I support my family and friends then I can heal my little patch. Then maybe others may take note and help to heal their little patch.

Before you know it there will be a huge patchwork blanket of healing and love all around the world. 

Since learning Reiki I seem to have developed a higher level of empathy. Now, whenever I hear or read about the suffering of others it seems to affect me on a much more personal level. Almost as if it has happened to me.

This is why I feel I have a responsibility to ease the suffering of this world in whatever ways I can. I think also visiting Africa and seeing the hardship first hand has brought it home to me just how well off we are.

I have seen Comic Relief and watched clips of parents sitting with their babies as they die. It must be the worst thing in this world and I find it too heart breaking to consider. At the same time, knowing I can't even conceive of it, what kind of a person would I be not to do anything? THAT is what drives me.

As we sit over here deciding which cakes to have with tea, there is a mother cuddling her child as she takes her last breath. Wouldn't you give her your cake money if you could vaccinate her child with it? I sure would. I'd give her everything I had if it meant she never had to be in that position again. I mean that. Anything.

So this year, I am planning to skydive and do two runs totaling 15km to raise money for Unicef.

No single person alone can make much of a difference BUT a single person CAN inspire and motivate hundreds, thousands, even millions of others to work together for the greater good of us all.

Support Kat's mama activism at her Just Giving page or send a donation by texting "KPFC77 £(amount to donate)"  to 70070.

 This month we're encouraging mums to give their inner Mama Activists a voice and join in with Craftivist Collective's #imapiece project. Find out more about #imapiece and join in with us here.

We'll be talking about Mama Activism and starting to make our #imapiece pieces at our next #somum Make Date on 13 February from 8.30pm - 10pm UK time (world times here). We'd love you to join us.

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