A Mother’s Creativity is simply genius

The fourth of our occasional series on creativity and motherhood is brought to you by the wonderful Nathalie Brown at Easy Peasy Kids:

creativity |ˌkrē-āˈtivitē|
noun - the use of the imagination or original ideas.

Creativity in motherhood is a hidden talent that we all possess as each day as we deal with unexpected, play with our children and multi task like a woman possessed.

As we teach our children to be creative it is a great opportunity for us as mothers to release our own inner creativity and being creative with your child will allow you to see the world through their eyes and give you moments of genuine connection with your child and yourself, it’s good for the soul to take some time out with the inner creative you.

Creativity has no limits; it is always there within you it is your inner child, so think outside the box and get playing creatively.

Creativity needs Passion

What are you passionate about? Is it writing, scrapbooking, cooking, jewellery -making, exercise, and painting? What gets you spirits up and makes you feel like YOU again?

Take the time to think about your passions, because your passion is so very important to your well-being, your mood and most importantly who you are. Whatever you passion is try and put yourself at the top of your weekly to do list and schedule some time no matter how brief, even fifteen minutes for the creativity in you.

Get Creative with the Kids

If you have older children you can involve them in your creativity, explain that this is what mum likes doing it makes you happy and it is one of your favourite things. Children ultimately want time with you, so you can make time for your passion and get them doing something they like too. More often than not children will want to do what you are doing. 

  • Passionate about cooking, let the kids help with the mixing and measuring.
  • Passionate about jewellery –making, let the kids have a simple beading set,or threading with cotton reels.
  • Passionate about exercise, let the kids ride their bikes as you run, do an exercise DVD together.
  • Passionate about Painting/Arts and Crafts, set the kids up with their own art activities.
  • Passionate about writing/blogging get your kids to start a journal or make their own book filled with their drawing.
  • Passionate about scrap booking let the kids make their own book too, with cut outs from magazines.



kid play

Creativity in the Mundane

I am happy to admit that as a mother, wife and carer the household chores are not my forte. I am not the tidiest mum around; I do try yet it bores me to tears. To get through the mundane chores my creativity is within my own imagination and I get the kids to help out too and by setting a time limit it becomes a fun race, with the promise of doing something enjoyable together at the end.

We make a playlist of our favourite songs and sing and dance as we do the laundry, the washing and the general tidy. In the laundry we throw (yes that says throw) our clothes into separate piles for colours and whites –imagining we are shooting at a basketball hoop. With dusting we play; how many cobwebs have you found? In folding clothes we challenge ourselves in how many we can do in sixty seconds.

Children actually enjoy helping when it is fun and at the same time they are learning life skills for the future, you are getting time with them too and hopefully by being creative it add some sparkle to the mundane.

Get Creative

So go on, get your creativity on, make it possible for yourself to have some creative time doing something you are passionate about. Think about it what do you love doing that makes you feel good inside and make the time to in the words of Nike “Just do it”. Let me know what your creative passion is…..


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