Mosaic Art and Motherhood !

I have juggled being a single mum for a long time - when my daughter was younger I had a very poorly little girl for around 5 years, and some very tough major life events that happened to me... I stayed alive and kicking by firstly loving motherhood no matter how hard it felt - the joy my child gave me is bigger and better than anything I have ever known - it's amazing seeing her develop, grow and turn out to be a real little piece of 'me' and her own person all rolled into one !

Eventually I found out that my child is a coeliac and through managing her diet and cutting out the things that made her so poorly, she is now very well and participating normally in life like other children!

During the time my child was ill where I lost 2 jobs due to the considerable amount of time I had off with littley in Hospital, I continued to develop my Mosaic art when I had any spare time ! it's all paying off and via facebook I have been chosen, along with 60 International Artists, to participate in my first major Public Art project in Santiago, Chile, by a renown artist called Izidora Paz Lopez. She loves my own work and style and also the art therapy work I do witht vulnerable adults.

I am shocked and excited all rolled into one ! I have just applied for the MK Community Foundation craft bursary to help fund this opportunity, so I hope that in January 2014 I will be working alongside artists like Gary Drostle and Sonia King - leading international public mosaicists, working together to make a difference in Chile.

I will bring back so many skills to my home of Milton Keynes where I want to let everyone experience the joy that is mosaic - giving large grey concrete expanses on walls and flooring a delightful facelift - with stunning mosaic, via large scale community Public Art projects ! Follow me on face book to see my Mosaic and work with vulnerable people ... Melanie Watts Mosaics. Thanks - and keep on keeping on - time heals ! XXX