More thoughts as I wrote .....

Mon: I woke up feeling like it was Christmas monring as a child, that excited feeling of what presents I will receive, as I entered my little girl's bedroom and could not wait to see her and her little face, which was very smiley and beautiful.

Tue: Many will think I am crazy to write this as I am sure it will send a lot of people mad, but with all my trips to the local Boots, I have grown to feel rather fond about the sounds that come from the photographic machine, which is next to all of the baby essentials aisle, after arriving rather stressed, I have found that this is rather calming in a strange sort of way, obviously not there for a reason and it makes me smile to type this, but it will always bring back great memories when I go into Boots. Anyway, on to Wed

Wed: Awoke to a lovely cuddle from my hubbie and thinking about how lucky I am. As I walk through Morrab Gardens, and along the prom breathing in the air and thinking about when I was little, I think about how lucky I am to hopefully be able to share this space with my little girl, I used to dace around the band stand and bring smiles to old grannies (so I thought!), thinking that I was part of a big westend show, how far it was from now, but then again so near, how lovely to be able to do that with her I hope.

Thur: Walking through the madness of Aug and living in PZ, trying to get through with the pram, to buy a pasty at Rowes which normally does not take all day, hearing some lovely comments about how lucky we are to live in Cornwall from some visitors, nice to hear, when sometimes it does seem tricky, but will always be home.

Fri: Ahh the weekend is near, bought some lovely monk fish and cooked a special meal with hubby, shared some wonderful giggling moments with the little one as she trys to say Mummy and Daddy, sharing exciting thoughts of the future, possibly a holiday, probably will be in Cornwall, but hey how lovely! Will check in soon and it has been lovely to share this xx