What does this object say to you about being a mum, nan or great-gran? Does it spark a memory, an image, a question or something else? Don't think too hard, just share your first impressions.

mirror jb

photo by Jo Bourne


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I like the fact that the mirror is small enough to just see my face, the rest of me's gone a bit to pot since having two kids. But my attitude to my reflection has changed a lot too - instead of being quite as worried about what it looks like, I now see my body as a vessel, something that's serving a useful purpose. We don't have many mirrors in our house, and none that you can see your whole self in. I have to look in car windows if I realise I've forgotten to brush my hair/teeth/eyebrows (!) yet again... Pippa
Mirror Mirror on the wall Jean
Reminds me of my nans perfumes & of my mum brushing my long hair as a child. naomi
Our kids are often reflections of the best and worst of ourselves. Andiepowpow
If someone knocked on the door, you'd look in the mirror to check on yourself. Betty
No time for yourself to look in the mirror as a Mum – no time unless you make it. We were at home with our children. It’s a choice you make, you did work in a different way. NOW people have to work to pay for everything. What we couldn’t afford we didn’t have. Jean
Oh God, I've let myself go. I used to wear make up and have nice hair. Ach well, the tiny arms around my neck and the extra 20min in bed snuggling is SOOOO worth it :) craftymama087
Seeing myself age and being surprised when I look in the mirror and see a grannie when I feel only 18, or lots of the time I feel only 3 years old!! And now I have a 3 yr old grandson.... once I smile at the thought of all the loveliness in my life , my smile appears and age disappears Penny
Reminds me of fairy tales. Jay
this reminds me of sneaking into my great-grandma's room and playing with the perfume bottles,the powder puff and lipstick..the distinctive smell of which I can still conjure up all these 40 years later..now I'm a grandmother myself.... june