Meditating mamas

Meditating mamas

How have you been doing with our week of unlikely meditating, mamas?

I've been quite poorly this week, so actually I've been avoiding doing a lot of the chores completely and just focusing on getting my head down and getting the bit of work done that I needed to do, as well as having A LOT of movie nights with the kids. They seem to have survived...

Even so, I loved re-reading your meditations each day and being inspired to focus on the moment, and to see the positive in my life. Instead of focusing on being grumpy about feeling ill and eating more chocolate. 

I did still eat a lot of chocolate, obviously.

As we have so many fab meditations from you, we're going to continue sharing into next week - and if you'd like to find out what we talked about at our meditating #somum Make Date you can catch up in the storify below...

And visit all the unlikely meditations over here - we'd love more, so if you have one, share it with us!


Or is that nom nom nom...?