Mamas deserve high scores for...

Mamas deserve high scores for...

We had another funny, honest and insightful #somum Make Date last night, celebrating the official launch of our DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit, co-hosted by the lovely Kate on Thin Ice.

This blog post today also marks the start of our Mama Self-Care Carnival! We'll be travelling around blogs worldwide reminding mamas to nurture ourselves too. Join us for the ride!

To start us off, I'm sharing a storify of our monthly living breathing example of Mama Self-Care: mums taking time out for ourselves, to get creative, to explore who we are, and to connect with other mums at our #somum Make Date on twitter, open to all.

The storify below doesn't capture everything we talked about, but it should give you a taste - and hopefully inspire you to take a little time out for yourself too.

Amongst many many other things, mamas deserve high scores for... getting out of the house, cleaning up puke (and worse...), surviving without sleep, creating imaginary worlds, balancing children in improbable places while multi-tasking, working miracles, gaining PHDs in distraction techniques... and for making time for ourselves.

We'd be especially excited if you'd like to join us in making your very own Mum Trump card celebrating your own special skills, mama battle techniques, impressive agility, mama IQ and arch-nemesis, we'd love that! Join in any time this month over here.

If you're looking for a very special Mothers' Day gift for yourself, your friends or your own mama, we'd love to share our new DIY Mamas' Retreat Kits with you:

Story of Mum: DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit

It's a fabulous way to support yourself, your mama friends, Story of Mum, the Museum of Motherhood and Womankind Worldwide in one fell self-care swoop!

Plus, it features these fabulous Mum Trumps as its bonus activity, what more could you want...

Check our Mama Self-Care Carnival page for some inspiring posts reminding you to take time out for you every day this month.