Make a Book of Secrets

Where can you find space for your own thoughts, ideas and secrets? Treasure your privacy in a simple homemade book, just for you. (Also great to make with your kids...)


Watch this video (coming soon!)  for a quick step by step guide to making your own little book. In the meantime, some written instructions below:

Cut out a long strip of plain paper. Fold this strip in half lengthways, and in half lengthways again, to make a 'concertina' that will become the pages of your book. 

Cut out two pieces of card that are the same height and width as the 'pages' of your concertina. Glue one piece of card to each end of the concertina.

Then decorate the pieces of card as you like - we've used collage here, but you could paint or draw or cover them in words, simply express yourself however you like - what would you like your book of secrets to look like?

Once you've made your book, take a photo of its front and back (ideally against a plain background), click on 'join in' above and upload your images to storyofmum.

Then keep it safe and fill it with your secrets, which you don't have to share with us, unless you want to of course...

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