Magic Kiss-Givers, Mistake-Makers and Ninja-Mums

Magic Kiss-Givers, Mistake-Makers and Ninja-Mums

Our last #somum Make Date launched the first online part of our exhibition: Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves with a rip-roaring evening of mama chat and creativity. 

We partnered with the lovely @prymface and #youngmumschat (#ymc) again to share the many and varied 'jobs' we do, and make some Identity Parades to illustrate just some of them...

So what kind of 'jobs' do we do, mothering or otherwise...? Secretary, play-dough maker, magic kiss-giver, reluctant ironer, porridge-maker, first aider, snuggler, alarm clock, guinea pig whisperer, referee, nagger, worrier, mistake-maker, unending washer-cleaner-wiper-upper... the list is endless!

Most of all, we love storytelling, teaching and learning with our kids, precious cuddles, bed-testing, and even going out to work. Me-time is a challenge for most of us - but the gym helps, along with writing, resting, and pole dancing in our bay windows ;)

Being a mother has affected us all deeply and changed the way we look at life. For some of us, motherhood is a role we've played our entire adult life, while for others motherhood came late.

We may have lost our memories, but we've gained hearts the size of houses. We worry and eat too much chocolate. We have the strength of a mummy bear and the speed of a ninja. We have signature dishes (mainly Spag Bol...) and deserve gold medals for the school run.

You can read the full fabulous chat in the storify below. And there's still plenty of time to upload an Identity Parade and win some wonderful cut out paper dolls from the very clever Cupcakes for Clara. Join in here - and read the full rules here. We'd love you to visit our online exhibition and join in. Or come and see us at our very first events in Milton Keynes!