Love Mum-Body

Join us to celebrate all mama-bodies. Here, you can find images of real mum-bodies and powerful words about mothers' experiences of coming to terms with these. You can add your own image below, add lines to our communal Ode to Mum-Bodies, or contact us to share your own body journey.

Being a mum changes your body. But every mum's body is amazing, miraculous, beautiful. To join this activity, focus on a part of your body that has changed since you brought children into the world: a stretch mark, a wrinkle, a wider smile perhaps? Share it with us. Love your Mum Body.

Click on 'instructions' below to find out more and read some fantastic #Lovemumbody guest posts from mums. In addition to the links below, you might also enjoy this post from a #somum Make Date: conversations and creations from mothers relating to our mum-bodies: Belly-flaps, Spider Veins and Hobbit-toes.


You can take a photo, or you can squidge it. We don't mind, as long as you love it.

Take a close-up photo of a part of your body that shows you're a mum - a part of your body that you'd like to love more... Upload your photo here, and name it.

Or you can show us that part of you in plasticine. Or clay, or play dough, or anything you can squidge and shape.

Love your body into being. Take a photo, upload it here, and name it.

Let's celebrate the beauty of the saggy bits, the strength of the scars, the wisdom of the sleepless nights etched under our eyes. We're not photo-shopped. We're not perfect. But our bodies have performed miracles and deserve a bit of respect. And lots and lots of love.

Once a mum, always a mum. Love your mum body.

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Grey hairs...
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