Saturday 14th May 2011
Watching my two boys laugh uncontrolably as their dad went 'fast-forward' and 'fast rewind' round the dining room table.

Sunday 15th
Listening to my two boys (aged just 3 & nearly 6) compete in extraordinary conversation to impress Bill, friend of their granda Hugh's.....& his valiant attempts to understand & respond to two concurrent & completely unrelated stories!

Monday 16th
Settling down on big sofa with a cappucino to feed Tommy (1 month old) whilst watching two curly blond heads confidently heading off to jump on the softplay.

Tuesday 17th
Seeing a wren just outside the kitchen window, singing it's little head off.

Wednesday 18th
First proper smile from Tommy, aged 4weeks.

Thursday 19th
Listening from the other room to my boys defending their baby brother's right to breastfeed as often as he wants to at the end of the day, in response to their granny saying 'you can't be hungry AGAIN' to the baby - real LLL kids- made me super proud!

Friday 20th
Kindness of strangers, small things which make my life happier... Random businessman in coffee shop interacting with my 3yr old (versus 2minutes previously, derision of woman on hands free phone as he was staring at her talking to herself!)

Saturday 21st
Hot sunshine on the decking, & getting to listen to 'Wear Sunscreen' by Baz Lurman sent via FB from lovely friend Louise.