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Mamas' Retreat from Story of Mum

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Mamas' Retreat in Cornwall with Story of Mum

You deserve some time for you.

You don’t believe that is really possible.

You dream of having a bed to yourself. Of having a clear space in your mind to think. Of looking at the sea and feeling the waves crashing below. 

Of stretching your well-used mama body without your children hanging from your arms. Of eating delicious health-giving food. Of connecting with other wonderful brave mamas in a supportive and creative environment. 

You dream of having the time to remember who you are.

We dream of that too. So we’re making it happen.

(Porth-en-alls photo credit: Dave Nartin)

Reconnect with your heart at Story of Mum's Mamas' Retreat

24 hours. It’s a lifetime in the world of a mother.

24 hours can change how you feel about yourself.

24 hours can give you focus, reawaken a hidden passion.

It can remind you of what you love about your life. Of what you love about you.

Join us in Cornwall. In a unique historic house by the sea. To take time for you.

Where will we be?

This very special Mamas' Retreat takes place at a very special venue, Porth-en-Alls in Prussia Cove, Cornwall.

Porth-en-Alls is a Grade 11 listed house that sits between Penzance and Helston. The house looks out on its own private beach, banked by gorse-covered cliffs and surrounded by stunning walks.

A space to rest and admire the view at Story of Mum's Mamas' Retreat

This unique house is stacked with furniture from a bygone age, ceramic bathtubs, open fireplaces, soft armchairs and cosy nooks looking out over the sea. It's also where Pippa got married, so it holds a very special place in our hearts.

What will we do?

This once-only retreat includes three gentle but powerful yoga sessions with Leif Olsen, and a series of inspiring Story of Mum creative sessions and opportunities to be heard, hosted by Pippa Best. We’ll even play a bit of Bad Mummy Bingo over a celebratory dinner…

Don't worry, you don't need any yoga experience or creative skills to join in (but if you do, that's wonderful too). 

All your delicious vegetarian meals (including a Cornish cream tea of course…) cooked by our co-host Kate Binnie are included. 

Join us for...


Story of Mums' Mamas' Retreats

  • Heart-opening creative activities


  • Strengthening restful yoga


  • Deep connections


  • Good food and laughter


  • Wild and peaceful nature


  • Space to hear yourself think


  • Reassurance that you are not alone


  • A reminder that you are brave and beautiful and wonderful, flaws and all

Extra goodies

Plus, we’ll give you some fabulous additional resources to take away:

Enjoying Kate Binnie's chocolate tart as we got creativeContinuing inspiration:

* A private facebook group for participants – a space where the retreat community can continue to connect

* A mini online retreat (for this retreat’s participants only) – a chance to reconnect and spur each other on.

E-books and printables (for over-nighters only)

 * A DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit so that you can host your very own retreat for friends at home whenever you want. 

* A book of Mums’ Reward Charts to inspire you to keep going (why should the kids get all the stickers…?) 

 * Your very own printed Bad Mummy Bingo cards...

Book your place now

Give yourself something very special to look forward to in 2014.

To keep the event small and delicious, places for the retreat are limited (especially single rooms and day passes).

Remember - you deserve some of that support you provide to everyone else. You are the heart of your family, and you need nurturing too.

You know what a difference it makes when you feel happy and fulfilled. The benefits of investing this time and money in you will ripple out to your whole family. The value to you all is so much more than we are charging for.

We really hope you will join us. 

Porth-en-alls, Prussia Cove from


We want this to be possible for you, so we're keeping costs as low as we can.

Full retreat:

Rest at Story of Mums' Mamas' Retreat in Cornwall

The retreat will run from 2pm on Monday 24 February to 2pm on Tuesday 25 February 2014.

The price includes all yoga and workshop sessions, all simple delicious vegetarian meals (lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast), and accommodation at Porth-en-Alls.

We offer a mix of single and twin rooms, and the possibility of joining us just for either or both days (in case you need to get back home overnight).

Day retreat:

For those that prefer to return to their own beds, you can buy individual day passes to join us on Monday and Tuesday (including dinner and Bad Mummy Bingo if you would like to stay) - you can attend both or one of these sessions.

Take time out to walk at Story of Mums' Mamas' Retreat

Nervous about booking a twin room with someone you don't know? 

Shared rooms are a vital way for us to help keep the retreat affordable, and make it accessible to all those mums who need it. 

Some wonderful women have already booked in to share, so it's very likely you'll make a lovely new friend.  

All you'll do in your room is sleep. We'll be together doing heart-opening yoga and creative workshops all day, and if you need some time to yourself at any point, there are lots of cosy nooks inside (and incredible views outside) for you to explore.  

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions.

Other information

This is a unique location. Porth-en-Alls is a deliciously old and eccentric house where bathrooms are shared. It’s February, in Cornwall, so bring warm clothes. We’ll provide the hot chocolate and the open fire.

A unique location for Story of Mums' Mamas' Retreats in Cornwall

If you’d like to explore the area when the workshop ends on Tuesday, let us know in advance, we’ll happily make you a sandwich so you can have a walk and collect your luggage later in the day.

This workshop will never be offered at this price again, and this beautiful venue is notoriously hard to book.

Is lack of childcare preventing you joining us?

If so, get in touch and we’ll see if we can facilitate some on-site childcare that might suit you, we know lots of lovely local childcare professionals (at additional cost to you).

Want to know more about how to get here from where you are?

The nearest train stations are Penzance and St Erth - you can book a taxi from there to drive you down some stunning winding Cornish-hedged roads to Porth-en-Alls. Coaches also travel to Penzance. The nearest airport is Newquay, about an hour's drive away.

About us 

Pippa BestPippa Best is the inspiring Mum Champion behind Story of Mum, an online community of supportive mamas doing creative stuff to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood.

She says “Getting creative connects us to who we are and what we want. It makes us happier, braver, and we shine brighter together. Sharing our stories reminds us that all mums are amazing, especially when we make mistakes…” Pippa has worked for many years in film development, helping film-makers to write and share their stories – and is passionate about helping mothers to share theirs.

Pippa’s last adventure was touring her first ever exhibition tour celebrating mums. With her own mum Penny, she travelled across the UK, hosting Make Dates and mini retreats with the tour culminating at the Museum of Motherhood in New York. Participants described leaving the Story of Mum events feeling celebrated and exhilarated, moved and honoured. Her next big adventure is taking Mamas’ Retreats to a wider audience - YOU! Pippa is mother to a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.

Leif OlsenLeif Olsen is a very special yoga teacher. Teaching from the heart, she changes the lives of those in her classes. People travel from all around the world to practice with her in Cornwall. Leif has a special knack of knowing just what you need when you need it, whatever your yoga experience – whether you’re a pregnant women who has never tried yoga before or an expert who has already made yoga part of your life. Her gentle and powerful holistic approach to yoga transforms how you feel about your body, and your life.

Leif says Yoga teaches us about flexibility, balance, strength, relaxation, softness, stamina and patience – benefits that ripple out into our everyday lives. Attending a yoga class is like indulging in a massage, a trip to the Oesteopath, an exercise class, a counselling session, a stress relieving workshop and a confidence booster all in one.” Leif is mother to a 21 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.

Kate BinnieKate Binnie’s cooking makes you sigh involuntarily as you take that first bite... From fresh and revitalising vegetarian cooking to her legendary brownies, tarts, and chocolate peanut-butter cake, she cooks with love and delight. She lives her life with wholehearted spirituality and you can taste that in her food - and feel it in her company.

Warm and wise, Kate is always exploring – whether that be the world, her relationships or herself. Having worked in adult learning for many years, she remains passionate about helping others to grow. Kate is mother to a 7 year old daughter and a 3 year old boy.

Wise words from mamas who have played with us before:

Don’t just take our word for why this is a great thing to do for you, read this feedback from other mums about our short retreats:

“The Mamas’ Retreat was immediately a very honest space to expose my vulnerabilities and support others to do the same, and that helped me enormously to move forward with some of the worries I had been harbouring on my own. Exposed to the light, I could forgive myself for not being perfect, and then feel light-hearted about it. Creating space for yourself is rare as a mum, but I think space with other mums to actually focus on looking at how being a parent affects you is even rarer. The retreat was essential maintenance and empowering and a giggle all at once!” Emily

‘The Mamas’ Retreat gave me the opportunity to be me! It also gave me a rare chance to be creative, and to get in touch with both my mind and my body though gentle yoga. I was able to take a step aside from my normal daily routine and reflect on what I achieve each day as a juggling mum. I left the day feeling stronger and more appreciated. It was a very beautiful and liberating experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any mum.” Miranda

“As a working mama, I rarely let myself stop and take time out for me – I’m either working or mothering most of the time. It was wonderful to give myself that gift of space. I loved connecting with other supportive mothers, voicing my hopes and dreams, and eating cake! I left as a stronger mum and woman, rejuvenated and inspired.” Kari