Join #somum on twitter this Weds to make leafy love-notes

Join #somum on twitter this Weds to make leafy love-notes

Come join us to make Leafy Love-Notes together at this month's #somum make Date on twitter on Wednesday 19 November.

We play together from 8.30 - 10pm UK time, and you can find the time wherever you are in the world with this handy time zone checker.

We made the leaves you see here at our Mamas' Retreat last month. And I've been having such fun sneakily leaving them around on my travels ever since...!

Why make a Leafy Love Note?

Often, I dwell on the negative thoughts I have, and let my more positive thoughts fall away like autumn leaves.

So instead this month, we're catching those helpful thoughts, and decorating a fallen leaf with the words we most need to hear.

And if we're feeling generous, we're leaving those precious words for someone else to find...

(by the way, if you can only hear the unhelpful voice in your head right now, share the complete opposite of what that voice says - because that's probably what you most need to hear).

There are all sorts of ways to decorate your leaf. So use your amazing imagination and go wild, literally. 

Join #somum on twitter this Weds to make leafy love-notesGold and silver pens work beautifully, as do sequins and glitter. (They were also a big hit with the kids!) Even better, you could use entirely biodegradable decorations  - especially good if you're going to drop your leaf somewhere for someone else to find it!

And of course, don't forget to share a photo with us here before you spread your random kindness. Just click on 'Join in' to share a picture of your leaf.

You can see lots of examples of other leaves made (and hidden around and about...) by other marvellous mamas in the gallery.

It's a lovely thing to do with your kids as well - collecting and pressing and decorating the leaves together; thinking of phrases that it might feel good to hear. Mine also love the little bit of espionage involved in hiding the leaves in the park for others to find!

Join #somum on twitter this Weds to make leafy love-notesWhat is a #somum Make Date?

It's a chance for mums to get together on twitter and tweet while we attempt to do something creative - like doodlingtaking a photowriting poetrymaking stuff or even squidging plasticine.

We give ourselves some creative me-time and connect with other lovely mums. We do it every second Wednesday of the month and we would love you to join us. New friends are always very welcome.

You don't have to be a clever crafter, an artist or wordsmith. We're all about having a go regardless of talent or experience.

Most of all, it's about getting together and having fun.

If you just want to chat, that's completely fine. If you just want to make something and lurk and never tell us you're there, that's fine too. We're just happy you're making time for you.