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mum poem image by Caroline DaviesRelease your inner poet!

Take a minute to add a line to this group 'kenning' poem started by Penzance WILD mums and Anna Maria Murphy.

A kenning is a simple poem that works like a riddle – you describe a subject without ever naming it. How would you describe 'a mum' in just two or three descriptive words?

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We asked poets to curate their own versions of this poem as part of our travelling exhibition: Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves. Watch some of the performances here.

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food inventor

warrior worrier

The singer not the song

snuggler and cuddler

Pairer of socks. Sometimes they even match...

Happy, narky but delicious


always being there

conscientious craziness controller.

They are all different

strain bearer

They are all different

indescribably amazing

magic boogie-queen amazing cook

Beautiful kindness

carer of child

personal cheer-leader

Tummy tickler

Care giver

Booby, kisses, cuddles


hand holder

Monsters worst nightmare!

Creator of beauty