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Take a minute to add a line to this group 'kenning' poem started by Penzance WILD mums and Anna Maria Murphy.

A kenning is a simple poem that works like a riddle – you describe a subject without ever naming it. How would you describe 'a mum' in just two or three descriptive words?

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We asked poets to curate their own versions of this poem as part of our travelling exhibition: Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves. Watch some of the performances here.

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Sorter outer, care-giver, listener and crafter, swim buddy, duck feeder, just gets dafter...

Giver of life.

Creator of beauty

Public apologiser

Tear wiper

mystery game player

Nest builder

like a good bottle of wine

Underpaid and overworked

referee and general righter of wrongs


Loving listener


cuddle giver

conscientious craziness controller.

control freak

a lover of live

I like mummy because mummy likes me.

Happy, narky but delicious

concerned about the young

a writer

a mother is for life nit just for Christmas


always there ..any time of day or night