Join a Mums' Make Date: Love your Mum-Body

Come join a Mums’ Make Date: share how you feel about your mum-body and join in our Love Mum Body activity – in Toronto, on twitter, or host your own!

Have you been inspired by all the amazing Love Mum Body guest posts so far? Wondered about sharing a picture, but it’s just too scary? Well here’s an idea. Jump in with a gang of mums and see what happens. You might have a go, you might not, but you’ll never know unless you try…

1. Join our first International Mums’ Make Date: 14 July

make date inviteThe lovely @hisveganmama is hosting our very first 'make date' in Canada on 14 July from 4-6pm in Vine Parkette, Toronto.

You can read all the details on her fab blog.

While we host regular Mums’ Make Dates in the UK,  we’ve never ventured across the pond so we are very excited! Go!

2. Join our #somum Mums’ Make Date on twitter: 25 July

Jump on twitter using #somum from 8.30 - 9.30pm BST (world times here) on 25 July and join our third twitter Make Date.

plasticine boobsOur first two Make Dates were ‘Twidoodles’ (tweeting and doodling) which was hilarious (check out the posts on the Noodle Doodle and Museum of Mum tweet-ups).

This one will be yet another potentially disasterous experiment: a kind of ‘Twi-dough-dle’ where we attempt to blend tweeting and squidging play dough/plasticine/clay/blu-tac/whatever we can find…

Basically, we’ll ask some questions, chat a lot, and spur each other on to have a go at the Love Mum Body activity - in the privacy of our own homes, live on twitter.

grey hair plasticineThere are no hard and fast rules. You can take a photo of the 'real you' instead of squidging anything. You don’t have to make anything or share anything if you don’t want to. You can just chat. Or just hide and read what we’re tweeting. Until you get an irresistable urge to tell us what you think...

Because we want to hear what you think. We want to see how you feel about your amazing mum-body. We want to share the love that our miraculous mum-bodies deserve. Because celebrating all parts of our mumness is what story of mum is all about.

3. Host your own Mums’ Make Date

Grab some mama friends and some treats, clear the kitchen table, make some time for you all to get creative, have a go and a giggle.

mums make dateThis weekend was the hen celebration of a lovely mum friend of mine who always comes to our Penzance Mums’ Make Dates.

So naturally, before any fizz was popped, we whacked out the plasticine and all had a go alongside the Gary Barlow cupcakes. It was ace!

You could have Gary Barlow cupcakes too... Or just get together and make your bodies in plasticine, like that isn't entertainingly weird enough on its own.

It's a date. See you and your miraculous mum-body there.


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