I've never much liked my body

Bullies shaped the self-doubts of Kate Davis-Holmes of Kate on Thin Ice and Groovy Mums. But becoming the 'Naked Blogger' began her journey to self-confidence. Our 14th Love Mum Body post:

I have never much liked my body to be honest.  Even as a child, I hated my tummy and thought I was fat, a belief perpetuated by bullies at school.  The reality was that at 18, I was a slim size 8 but I did not see that at the time.

I remember seeing another woman’s tummy area and realising that it was not much different to mine.  I was about 20 at the time and it was such a realisation.  Could it be that I was actually quite normal?

If I was ordinary, where did my ideas of female perfection come from? 

When I was pregnant, I prayed to see that little bump that would prove there was a child in said tummy.  How I used to stare in the bath waiting for that evidence that I was to be a mum soon.  The bump appeared and then the angry purple mark that was a forerunner of all the stretch marks to come.

Motherhood and my laziness about post-natal exercises have left me with a body that I am not 100 per cent happy with.  Over the years, I have so wanted to be a babe however shallow that sounds.  It probably applied at some point but I was so busy putting myself down that I missed it completely.

I listen to mums say that stretch marks are like trophies proving they are mothers to lovely children.  I wish I was so refined in my thinking and sometimes I very almost buy into it but not quite.  My tummy is an embarrassment to me along with other areas such as my upper arms.

Then there are the bits that I have struggled with over the years that men have ended up raving about.  Who knew that a big bottom could be attractive?  Apparently I have feminine wrists whatever that means?  The boobs apparently pass muster although I do wish they would stop paying visits to my knees.


So at 43 years old, how do I feel about my body and how on earth did I end up posting a naked avatar of myself and getting naked on my blog?

Well, I love women and I want them to believe in themselves more which is why I set up the blog hop that is Groovy Mums

I started blogging in 2009 and people really engaged with what I had to say and share.  However, I did not post a picture of myself and honestly believed that people would stop reading my blog when they saw me.  That is so ridiculous but it was my absolute belief at the time.

I posted a picture and my blog lived to tell the tale.  Then Lorraine on morning television launched an appeal for a naked beauty.  I wanted some mums to enter to celebrate who they are and thought if I did it myself, others might.  So my Dad took the photo of me (only head and shoulders you understand) and I sent it to Lorraine.  Then I emailed it to my husband whose work blocked it.  Of course, I did not realise that so thought he was just rejecting me and my efforts.  In one of my strops, I decided to put the photo on my blog and to use it as my Twitter avatar.  Suddenly I became known as the naked blogger.

And you know, this was quite liberating.  Other mums smiled with me and thought I was brave.  I realised that I can only be what I am and that the body reflects a life lived.  You only have to read a few parent blogs to recognise that a healthy life is something to be valued very highly indeed.

So I am no babe and may have to give up such daft ideas.  However, I am me, I am OK and many people value me.  This body, whatever I think of it, will take me to the next adventure.  Perhaps it is time to make peace and work with it.


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