I'm not perfect

Things I've done this week that aren't Perfect

Forgot to get my daughter Miss 15 an American Visa she was nearly sent home from her hockey tour.
Nearly hit a man on his red moped yesterday in the city (sorry mate).
No clean uniform for my son this morning, then he remembered it was fress dress
No laundry done for 2 days
My bedroom is a mess
My bathroom is a mess
Went to a meeting on child behaviour and some of the stuff they said made me cross
Teacher's small Easter gift is still sitting on my desk
Drink far too much coffee
Sleep far too little
Obsess about my new website & linking my blogs and articles
Not responding to emails as fast as I'd like- get side tracked with Twitter & blogging & writing
Getting a little grumpy with myself
Not keeping in touch with my girlfriends
Slept in my clothes last night (it did Save time this morning though)
Not had a daily walk
Not drinking enough water
Had takeaway 1 night
Had reheated takeaway the 2nd night
Haven't brushed my teeth for longer than a minute (sure my timer is broken takes forever 2minutes)
My filing tray has not been filed its now spreading to the floor
Its not even 1pm and I want a glass of bubbles
Not keeping on top of my invoicing

And guess what I'm Ok about it all, its really just sort of small stuff and after the glass of bubbles I'll see what I can get done in an 2 hours, because I've just remembered school breaks up early.

Have a great Friday, nothing needs to be perfect for YOU to feel OK :)