I'm a Mum and a... Confident Woman

For our guest series on motherhood and identity, Cintia Listenbee of Simply Cintia shares how her faith defines her as a mother, blessing her with a confidence at her core:

Confidence is a word that is not often attached to Motherhood but it is one that has naturally become part of my journey.


It all started when my kids were born and I experienced the natural instincts God gave me as a mother. I learned that my kids teach me how to treat them way before they acquire speech.

It’s amazing to know that God chose me and equipped me to nurture and love my kids just as I am.

Being confident can be quite handy when interacting with other mothers. I have the confidence to accept the uniqueness of their approach to motherhood and I choose to encourage them in their journey.

I know by experience that most mothers are not getting awards for their important daily job. As a confident mother, it is my pleasure to come along my peers and affirm their worth, value and their precious spirits. Mothers need to be loved and affirmed on a regular basis, so my boldness channels the genuine appreciation I have for women who like me just want to do a good job in raising amazing kids.

The source of my confidence is found in my walk with God. The Bible teaches me that God is my confidence (Proverbs 3:26) and He hears my every prayer (1 John 5:14). I found myself praying more when I became a mother simply because my kids didn’t come with a manual.

I find assurance in the fact that giving God my worries brings me peace in exchange. In quietness and confidence I find strength to live a life which is not perfect but abundant in love.

I accept the way God made me. He made me confident and that’s who I am.


This month we’re sharing self-portraits that complete the sentence “I’m a Mum and a…” What’s the first word that comes into your head? Write it on a piece of paper and take a photo of you holding it up. You can see what other mums have told us about their identities and share your photo here

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