I'm a Mum and a...

We're all more than 'just' a mum. We're friends, partners, workers, dreamers, taxi drivers, late night dancers, secret rock stars. What else are you?

Complete the sentence, take a photo and upload it to our online gallery.

These images form part of story of mum's travelling pop-up exhibition. Find out more about Story of Mum: mums making an exhibition of ourselves here... Many thanks to Andra Alexander, Juliana BalieiroIan KingsnorthChris Webber, Pat Kelman and Caroline Smith for taking some of the portraits below.


Join in the task:

Take a bright piece of card and a black marker and write a word that completes the sentence "I'm a mum (or a gran) and a ..." on the card. Take a photographic portrait of yourself, holding up the card so that we can read the word. Send your photo in to us by clicking on 'join in' above...

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Read more:

In October 2012, we featured guest posts on motherhood and identity:

On a Quest for Balance Pippa Best

My Mum-Hat is stuck on my head! - Ericka Waller

My Fragile Identity - TJ

I'm a Mum and a... Confident Woman - Cintia Listenbee

I'm a Mum and an... Artist - Sara Davies

I'm a Mum and a... Feminist - Lyndsay Kirkham

I'm a Mum and a... Book Birther - Teika Bellamy

I'm a Mum and a... Mess - Kat Pearce 

I'm a Mum and a... Woman who Adapts - Anna Edmondson

And you can read other mums' thoughts on motherhood and identity at our recent Mums' Make Date: Who are YOU now you're a Mum? 

In May 2013, we shared I'm a M.O.M. and a... stories collected by Christina Douyon for the Museum of Motherhood as part of Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves:

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Bear

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Superhero

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Therapist

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Wife, Sistah, Internet Surfer, Jesus Lover, Crafter, Chef, Anime Watcher, Bookworm

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Dreamer

I'm a M.O.M. who rocks!

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Scholar

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Coach

I'm a M.O.M. and a... Multi-tasker

I'm a M.O.M. and a.. Fabulous Karaoke Night Date

Thanks to Ian Kingsnorth for all the photos from the story of mum launch party to start us off, and Steve Tanner's Asylum Studios for the inspiration.

Theme Tune Singer (all words remembered, all voices impersonated, instrumentals intact)
Beard lover
museum curator
Still trying to figure it all out
Mindless, full of love and anger, useful.
conscious being
Very lucky
comedian and a producer