I'm awful

My 7yo daughter left her iPad at home, so I had to take her back to pick it up, then drop her back to my MIL's house. I gave her the keys to open the gate and door, collect the iPad, then lock the door and gate behind her again. She got in, got the iPad, locked the door, but somehow got the gate key jammed in the lock. I yelled at her to sort it out, but when she couldn't, I yelled at her again to just get in the damn car. I tried several times (violently) to get the key out, but to no avail. I was already screaming late for work (should have just made her go without the iPad), so when the key got jammed, I lost the plot and started effing and blinding, screaming like a banesidhe. In the end, I just had to leave the gate unlocked with the key jammed. It probably wasn't even my daughter's fault, but I made her feel scared and small and frightened.

I'm a bad mother