If it Weren't for the Kids

What don't you do now that you have kids? Are you tied down or more responsible, happier or less content? Share three things you don't do now that you're a mum.


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I'd get more sleep and
wouldn't be such a chubster
but I'd be very bored and would feel incomplete
I'd eat what I want
Play sport - just don't find the time now.
I would finish my masters
I would go on holiday outside if Europe
I would learn French
I'd have nice things that were just mine. Like good makeup, high heels with no scuff marks and waking up in the same bed i fell asleep in.
I'd get stuff that i start finshed in good time rather than 6 weeks later.
I might not be so tired all the time but also wouldn't have all the special moments that make me apperciate sacrificing these things.
Go to lots of gigs
Nice long hot 2-hour bubble baths
I'd still be at work! Phew!!
Have a social life
Make Art all the time
Have my own things/privacy
Spend money on myself
Go out for a posh dinner, dance like a loon, stay out all night and lie in all day
Think I can judge other parents with screaming kids
Move to outer Mongolia
could pretend I'm in my 40"s, as if!
miss out on surprise treats with them!
I'd be skiing down a mountain every day in winter
I'd be having a huge deep bath with candles and posh products every day!
I'd listen to the archers every evening
Go climbing up mountains whenever I feel like
Keep my clothes clean
Go shopping in peace
I would never have had the strength in gaining peace through the recent loss of my Dad, Charlie.
I would have ridiculous, endless amounts of time to drink perfectly brewed hot tea.
J*** and I would have our, our-time. However we did have 17 glorious years of no interruptions!
Do Friday night regular boozing.
Regret things.
Read enough.
I'd sit down
Have sympathy for my husbands colds
Get out of the front door in less than 2 hours
Sleep in till 2 in the afternoon
watch films with my friends in the evenings
move to London
Eat properly (biscuits are my best friends...)
Think straight
Dress up and make an effort (just wear trainers now...)
Treat myself - spend money on myself
Go on a big night out
My husband and I would travel the world.
I'd buy an expensive camera and other pricey gadgets.
My husband and I would go to the movies/west-end-shows/concerts/festivals etc..
Keep on top of my nails
read all day
have hangovers (not worth it)
I would still worry about things which don't really matter
I'd spend weekends alone
I'd have time to go swimming
I'd be richer
I'd be younger looking and less gray!
l would be so bored!
get up when I want (slowly or quickly, early or late)
go to the loo without an audience
Do Friday night regylar
Have a proper lie in at the weekend
Wander round aimlessly exploring new places
Sneaky after work drinks
I will dance more
rode a bicycle, rolls, ran, hung out with friends
eat more slowly
Have 2 days off every 5 days
Travel in planes around the world every month and get jet lag
Not do things because I'm tired
go for long rambles with the dog
go shopping and actually buy stuff for me
get a decent sleep
i would spend money on myself, like buying new clothes.
travel the world and go out with my friends alot more
I'd be able to add functions to this website, OK?
just testing, please ignore
Swear in front of them
Go out for the night
Have a week off
Me time
Shower on my own
I'd do more yoga
I'd read more books that weren't on breastfeeding/childrearing
Laugh less often and cry less often
Sometimes I wonder what I did
With all the time I had, and now dont know what I'd do
if given the time.
Escape for weekends with my partner
go to the cinema
read books, I never seem to find or make the time :(
I would have money for a decent haircut and colour instead of doing it myself and having wonky hair.
I would sleep all night long for 8 hours instead of the 5 -6 interrupted hours I get now.
I would be sad about not having the kids ;-)
Remember my password to this site every time I login
Sleep like a baby again myself, soundly and deeply, and then dance all day
Look in the mirror and appreciate my curvy but slim figure before pregnancy and birth change it all
Pee in peace
Sleep in unbroken slumber
Mooch around the world
Read as much
Go to parties and not stress about anything whatsoever
Lie in.... miss it so much!
Read as many books - I can't find the time anymore...
Eat out, go clubbing, frequent bars etc. - can't find a babysitter : (
Sleep in
Do my hair and make up
Carry a purse :)
go night-clubbing
eat as much sugar
long to be a mamma (it doesn't get any better than this!!! :D)
Go to festivals
Drink as much
Spend ALL my money
What money?
Be even more outrageous
Go on a girls' holiday
I'd be a lot richer
I'd have fewer grey hairs
I wouldn't have anyone to boast about to my friends..
Move abroad.
Use the toilet in peace.
Still wear a bikini.
Unbroken sleep
More than one glass of wine!
worry as much
flirt as much
see as many movies