I made some mums happy today!

We had a fab story of mum session at the Acorn in Penzance today supporting their family fun day. I had such fun handing out gold stars to surprised mums (and dads...). Here are a few pics from the day..


I made a Mum's Reward Chart for 'having a good day' (that's in yellow above) and for 'having a bad day' (blue) and quickly checked what sort of day mums were having before I handed them their very own chart to celebrate their brilliance, whatever kind of day it was...

I also made some blank charts so people could choose other rewards and activities - including one for Dads of course.

I spent most of last night making up lots of lovely secret messages for mums (or indeed any nurturer, dads included) to hide inside cute paper fortune cookies (like those we made here, have a go, they're simple and fab).

I had a wonderful time helping kids to write out their own personal messages to tell their mums and dads why they loved them - which they hid inside their own fortune cookies to give them as presents. I did get to see one happy mum opening hers, and it made my heart swell - worth all the planning just for that moment!


We had buckets of playdough to entertain the kids - and got mums making parts of their bodies that have changed since having kids, that they'd like to love more - for our Love Mum Body activity.

The dads weren't left out, with a Love Dad Body gallery, though there weren't many takers, it was more popular amongst the grandads! And the kids made some amazing creatures too for their very own Kids Gallery.

A big thank you to Helen for organising such a great free day of fun for families. And to the lovely Mary for all her help in the wonderful faff of fortune cookie making.

Well, rather brilliantly, you can join in the fun too - as this month we're making our very own reward charts. Find out more here and join in here. Because mums deserve gold stars too - and that includes you.