I Earned My Stripes

Our third Love Mum-Body contributor is the lovely Bex of The Mummy Adventure on why she loves her stretch marks.

Before having a baby I was not happy with my body.  Not happy in the way that nobody is happy with their body - some bits too big, some too small.  If I could take this bit and move it there, and push the muffin top fat up a bit to fill out my bra. . .

beautiful stretch marks

I was one of those annoying people that had trouble putting on weight rather than losing it. 


When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't wait to grow.  I wanted a bump I couldn't see over and the curves I had never really had.  

Pregnancy provided me with this and more and my tummy swelled with the 8lb10 chunk I was growing.  

By 13 weeks strangers asked how far gone I was, by 26 they told me I must be due by now and by 30 I had outgrown most of my maternity wear.  

I couldn't get enough of it, even when those tiny red lines started creeping higher and higher. By 38 weeks I looked like there were several babies in there and I was glad to pop.

Since having a baby my body has not regained it's pre-pregnancy shape.  I may still be 'slim' but my hips are wider, my rib-cage broader, my tummy covered in hundreds of stretch marks and my boobs have lost their roundness.


It is plain to see that I housed a growing child.  

But how do I feel about it? -  I couldn't be happier.  Finally I have found the confidence in my body that I lacked.  

My body has faults, (and yes I would consider swapping with a supermodel) but I earned my stripes.  

I carried my baby for nearly 9 months and I fed him for just as long.  My  body served the purpose it was designed for and I am not afraid to show it off.

I may be one of the only people to prefer my belly stretch-marked to washboard but I never said I was 'normal'!

My son loves me just the way I am so I don't see why I should want to change.


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