How to be a Gold Star Mama


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How to be a Gold Star Mama is packed full of joy, treats, silliness and inspiration.  It was inspired by our community's fabulous response to our Mums' Reward Charts activity, so thank you very much for your enthusiasm and ideas!

Well, you Gold Star Mama you, make some space for yourself today. Make yourself a cuppa. Sit down and make yourself smile.

Download it if you like. Print it if you like. It's made for you, with love.

When you're done, pass the link on to a mama-friend who needs cheering up. Pass it on to all your mama-friends. The more mums that get to see just how many gold stars they deserve, the better. Share the shine.

So what's inside?

Lots of printable Mama's Reward Charts to make you feel better about your bad days and your good days, to love your mum-body more, to love your relationship more. Above all, to love yourself more.

You can choose a printable Mama's Reward Chart to inspire you this year, or use our cute templates to make your very own.  You can stick one of your fridge to make you smile every time you're feeling like you really haven't got the hang of this mothering thing...

It also contains links to some fabulous online resources that could change your world (like they have mine), and support for some amazing mama-led mama-supporting organisations that you may not know about yet.

About How to be a Gold Star Mama:

"What a fabulous idea and something busy moms really need. We're so worried about giving our kids their daily gold stars that we forget all the things we do that are gold-star worthy." Sarah Hawkins

"I love it! It just brought a lump to my throat and made me feel all gooey inside, so I decided to treat myself to some (more) Nutella on my yummy home made bread...and now I'll go and look at it again!"  Mumma Ali

"Thank you for your book and your words, inspiring as always." Catherine Jennings

"I just love this e-book. I like the fonts and the colors and the space and the quotes and the content." Suzi Banks Baum

"What a wonderful gift."  Kimberly Riggins

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But most importantly, we want you to start believing in the Gold Star Mama you already are. We do.

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