Hollie McNish is coming to play!

Hollie McNish is coming to play!

I can't hold it in any more... We've loved Hollie's work for a while. Now, with the release of Hollie McNish's latest spoken word piece on breastfeeding (it's amazing - watch it below) and her previous piece on immigration going beyond 1.2 million You Tube views (that poem's below too, and also brilliant), we're more excited than ever to announce that Hollie will be our featured poet at our Story of Mum Make Date at the Photographers' Gallery in London on the evening of Friday 18th October.

Our communal mums' poem is a giant kenning to which we've had over 130 submissions already.  At each of our exhibition events, a different poet is 'curating' their own version of our giant mums' poem for us to share with you all, and we're thrilled that Hollie will be stepping up to take that role in London. So add a word now and you might hear your own words live or on You Tube some time soon.

Hollie will also be performing a couple of her other pieces too - and is doing it all for love and cake, because she is so darned ace.

Check out Hollie's album: "Push Kick: a journey through the beauty, brilliance and bollocks of having a baby" if you haven't already - I love so many of these, but Banana Baby, Dilemma and Morning Sounds are particular favourites... Proceeds from donations for this ace free-to-download album currently go to support the Rosie Hospital campaign - listen to it here

Here's Hollie's most recent breastfeeding piece which has hit the headlines over the past couple of days. "Embarrassed" makes a brilliant case against the shame we feel at feeding in public. (Family warning: there are some rude words in both of these, but mostly they rhyme, so it's educational...).


And Hollie's previous viral hit, "Mathematics", faces up to the nonsense mathematics of anti-immigration:


We would love you to come along to join us in London too. Sign up for our newsletter for information on booking your place as and when we know the final details.

You can find out more about our "Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of ourselves" exhibition here. And visit the amazing mini-exhibitions curated by mums around the world as part of the virtual tour running alongside the events and exhibition programme. 

And listen to lots more Hollie McNish on her website and on You Tube.


We're holding our next #somum Make Date on twitter this Wednesday 10 July from 8.30 - 10pm UK time. (find times for other parts of the world with this very handy calculator) . We'd love you to join us to make Do Not Disturb signs for mums - find out more here.