Happy moments in Hungary

Kids are sleeping on the sofa (too hot in Hungary, 35 degrees, so we didn't go upstairs where the heat is unbearable) and I can watch Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth in it. My husband fell asleep too, Colin is not HIS favourite actor.

Watching them playing in the small plastic swimming pool in the garden.

Returning home with my son (9) and daughter (4) after 2 hours of arranging things (dentist, post office, shopping) in the hot town without a newly bought princess doll, a pony or a football player card. It cost me only two chocolate bars.

Chatting with my friend for an hour. They were able to find something to eat without mum.

Watching how excited my children are before visiting granny. They were the first to pack their bags full of toys which grandma has to see.

Having lunch with my mum, brother, his and my family. We haven't met for two months.

Having some ice cream in the main square of Debrecen, listening to a band. We're on holiday now.