Happy Loumo Moments!

Friday. Cuppa in the sunshine with a friend. Grown-up chat, happy sleepy baby and toddlers playing nicely together...proud of how they've grown up.

Saturday. Face-painted butterfly babies blowing bubbles amongst the flowers as we walked across campus. Sunlight sparkling on their glitter and their bubbles, baby giggling in the sling. Perfect moment.

Sunday. 7/4 BBQ. Adult beverages, hubbie playing games, oldest mini joining in. Middle mini scooting around with her friend, baby asleep on godfather's lap. Cake, good friends, good weather. Seriously good times.

Monday. Tiny navigating the nursery, making friends and working with teachers, not even glancing in my direction. That child is good to go anywhere, so different to her sister!

Tuesday. Breastfeeding the baby while at PTA meeting. Can you feel any more mummy-ish?!

Wednesday. Family movie time...the moral message of sweetpea beauty recited at me by the minis (bless those kids) followed by 'dancing in your underwear' courtesy of Mulan 2. Never a dull moment, and just when you think it's getting too hard, they give you a reason to smile...

Thursday. Hubbie worked all day, stopped in at the grocery to bring in food so I could skip shopping in the rain, fixed the blocked drainpipe AND bought me fancy houmous to snack on. And offered to do bedtime with the babies so I can knit some. I do love that man. :-)