Handle with Care

Busy day? What have your hands been doing?

Mums are always doing more than one thing at a time.

Let your fingers tell us how many things you have touched today and how. 


Simply click on 'join in' and write a few sentences here about what your hands have touched today and how. 'I tapped my keyboard; 'stroked the cat'; 'squeezed the toothpaste tube tight'; 'tickled my toddler'; ' washed and scrubbed the worktops'... what have your hands been up to?

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I've wiped two bottoms, bathed two kids, felt a hot head, dosed out Calpol, chopped veg, juiced fruit&veg, washed up dishes, tickled a baby, read a book and picked up a magazine, patted the dog and cuddled my husband....

I felt the bump wriggle, bulge and kick; buttered toast, scrambled eggs; folded baby clothes in readiness; checked hospital bag one more time; typed in words at the keyboard

I woke up with hair all over my face which I had to remove and then I pulled back the covers. I gave my children hugs and begrudgingly breastfed mimi (she is now 2 and I can't seem to ween her, she also has reflux).

I got dressed, brushed moos hair and his teeth and then I put his shoes on.

I brushed my teeth

I got dressed (with help, movement is very hard at the moment)

I put make up on

I put my own boots on.

I used my stairlift many times

I held on to Ed as he helped me to the door (I am in a wheelchair most the time and need his help to walk a few steps) and to the car.

I touched CDs and put them in the music player (in the car ) which I also touched

I drove my wheelchair around Sainsbury's and got some food for lunch, I packed a bag with help from the Sainsbury's lady (she was over zealous in her helpfulness but I didn't want to offend by saying I didn't need help)

I took the actigraph from the sleep clinic lady and the sheet explaining how we had to write down Moo's night experiences.

I ate a sandwich
I shared some crisps with moo

I stroked my dogs
I cuddled my cat
I held our turtles

I gave mimi a hug

I used art materials

I used a graphics tablet and pen
I used a keyboard (computer)

I held a camera

I piled kindling and fire lighters and set fire to wood

I used a prong

I held numerous cups for numerous mugs of tea

I ate chips (I don't even like chips)

I ate toast

I ate a vegan biscuit

I used a pen and held some paper

I put on PJs

One by one, all of the children became unwell. I ran between sick children, up and down the corridoor, taking temperatures- buzz buzz; administering calpol, glupe glupe; carvol, drop drop; stroking heads, there there; bringing water, swish swosh; taking it in turns mummy and daddy- then all hands on deck for a midnight bed change- yes sick in the bed, actually in the hair down the pyjamas- mmm every where. So this deserves a a midnight bath- nunight daddy, mummy can do this. My hands are in bubbles, warm soapy, soothing- a quick hair wash. O Oh. little creepy hair visitors... My hands are combing combing (have you seen Nemo) combing combing combing. A week later- yes I have three girls... Combing combing, combing combing combimg ...

Opened doors, found clothes, brushed hair, prepared food, wiped faces, changed nappies, used my phone, played in the sand, made a wooden blocks tower (and knocked it over), built a toy garage, opened the post, counted pennies, made tea, made tea, made tea, zipped zips, dried tears, cuddled warm arms, made a pie chart, typed and clicked.

early this morning cuddled tiny bundle of grand daughter, then with her tummy balancing on my shoulder, helped pull sweater over head of toddler grand son who was balancing on a chair, grabbed bags and toddler's hand, drove to nursery, then urgently tugging off dirty car tyre caps as filling with air, drove St Ives, clasped hot cup of soya latte, while scribbling notes on story of mum workshops with mums average age 89!.......and so it goes, now on laptop working,

tickled my toddler's toes, brushed his teeth, drawn a train track in the sand almost the entire length of the beach, broke a pasty in half, & a fudgie wudgie in half, stroked a sleeping boys newly cut hair.

Rocked moses basket, pulled on music star, put dummy in baby's mouth, moved my pillows around, checked time on phone: 6:12am, picked baby up, breast fed baby, moved pillows, drank water, changed nappy, put baby back to sleep, turned off alarm, washed face, brushed teeth, quickly got changed, sorted out laundry, picked up a wide awake baby, made a rushed breakfast, turned tv on, breast fed baby, opened a book, burped baby, put baby back down, did hair, checked over passport forms, left baby with family, drove to postoffice, came back, put early lunch in the oven, gave baby lots of cuddles, ate, breast fed baby, read a little more, checked emails, put sleeping baby down, changed bedding, made bed, hoovered, put laundry on, hopped in the shower, chilled in bed, watched Game of Thrones, checked phone messages, breast fed baby, joined www.storyofmum.com

my hands have touched the following. wood, coal, fir cones for fire, cardboard for notebook making, cake, more cake, my daughter, they have not touched the following. the hoover, the washing up, the bed, the dust, my reciepts.

today I have sorted out member accounts started uploading stuff to the little doers shop, looked after baby & SN son and cooked a meal

Pulled my son into our bed and hugged him tight, turned my phone alarm of three times (yes three), tucked my boys in under the duvet as I got out. Turned on the shower and did the whole 'I'll just stay in another minute because it's way too cold to get out' thing, grabbed my towel really quickly and clambered out, swapped the towel for a towel dressing gown and wrapped the bath towel around my head. Unlocked the stair-gate only for my son to come running on the landing so re-locked the stair-gate and switched on his bedroom light so he could play. Unlocked the stair-gate, went through the stair-gate and locked it again, unlocked the kitchen child-gate and fussed the dog, unlocked the back door and let her out, pulled out the ironing board and unlocked it's clasp, flipped up the ironing board in one swift movement like it's my party trick or something (ta-dah). Turned on the tap really slowly to fill up the iron yet still put it on too fast, plugged in the iron and set it on the board. Picked a glass from the cupboard and filled it with tap water at just the right speed, drank the water even though it feels so hard first thing in the morning (is this just me?) Tweezered a biscuit from the top of a packet with my thumb and index finger. Grabbed a pull-up, a nappy bag and some wipes before going back upstairs and (you guessed it) unlocking the stair-gate and locking it back up again. I'm sure you can imagine what these fingers of mine touched next. Washed these fingers once back downstairs, unwrapped towel from my head, sprayed heat defence just about everywhere but my hair and combed through before going back to the ironing-board, ironed required items quickly and unplugged the iron, set it on the windowsill, plugged in hair-dryer and blow-dried hair (poorly), unplugged and plugged in hair-straighteners and placed in a position so as not to burn down the house, more stair-gate unlocking when I went back up to get dressed and brush teeth, loaded up my toothbrush and my little man's too. Straightened hair (unenthusiastically) after unlocking and locking the stair-gate again, spread the hair-dryer and straighteners across the dining table again ensuring the house wouldn't burn down and that my son's curiosity wouldn't get hold of them. Kissed my husband and son before heading off, don't panic it is only 7am by this time and I had my breakfast ( toast and a milky coffee) when I got back at 9.

Other fingerworthy things I have touched today...

a pub lunch, a welcome cup of tea, my sons muddy wellies as he sat on his dad's shoulders and his sleepy little body which still somehow fits just right against me :)

Gave a cuddle, wiped a bottom, whisked up some pancakes, made a very spacific packed lunch so the dinner lady won't bite, pulled some clothes on took the stearing wheel ,held a hand, kissed a cheek, grabbed the dog lead. made a cupper, checked the emails then statred work...

Fed babies, washed up, wiped table, wiped faces, wiped bums (not with same cloth!) put washing in, put washing out, shook it all about, folded it all up, drove car, fed goats and pigs, took photos, had ice cream, made tea, bathed babies and cuddled babies - my favourite part of the day x

big hugs good morning,squeezed oranges for us, played ball with Nico, counted down the steps holding his hand, held him tight, run through the rain to Nonna, exchanged onions for eggs, scrubbed the nappies, lunch for him, lunch for me, lunch for husband, drive to pool, feel the water, gripped the bike, glass of wine spritz, picked up book at hairdresser, cake in mouth driving home, hand painting in bath, dried off his hair, mouth-organ to lips while hands to cream bottom, shhh pat pat the teddies night night, switch out the light.

I sorted out kit items, tested newly designed packs with children, bf my baby, drew with baby and pre schooler. Drank tea. Designed some more. Ate a jacket potato and updated info

antibiotic and steroid creams, courgettes in the rain, raspberries in the rain, steering wheel-driving son to school summer camp, steering wheel again...driving him home. Jam sugar, four baskets of washing, pea podding and onion slicing, coffee with friend, sausages and a keyboard.

In the cinema this afternoon I passed the maltesers; balanced the popcorn; stuffed the coats down the back of littlest so that she didn't fall down the back of the fold up chair; held the seat so that she could dance in her seat without dissappearing into the next row; unscrewed bottles of drink; gave my bigger two girlies thumbs up because they were a few seats along and then stroked the hair and arms of tired small people.

Switched off alarm, wiped a bum, got a toddler dressed, washed, steered car, handed over schoolbags & lunches, waved & waggled at Zumba, texted, washed up, tidied up, tweeted, typed, doodled, made cuppa, tweeted more, typed again, about to make lunch!

I've wrapped cold soft cushions all around me to try and get comfy. I have stroked my boy's hair out of his eyes, and squeezed him while I covered him in kisses and got licked back, and hugged my husband, and typed and typed and typed - on my computer, on my mobile. I've answered the phone. I've drunk coffee and forked in cake. I've made a cheese sandwich. I've checked through business cards and receipts. I've unpacked a veggie box and thrown rubbish away. I've brushed my teeth and enjoyed washing my big pregnant belly bump in the shower. I've felt my baby jump. I've closed windows to keep out the rain. I've tided a toy farm away. I've lifted up my boy and shown him a photo of me at Paddington station with Paddington Bear on my phone to explain why I've been away.

today my hands...brushed three lots of blond curly hair, changed a variety of nappies, made toasted sarnies of cheddar, pesto and tinned macherel, washed & folded sheets, mopped a nappy-bucket-flooded bathroom floor, staunched blood from a cut elbow, planted some sage, watered some tomatoes, ate a macaroon, made five cups of tea and a black coffee

I've touched my daughter, husband, cat, laptop, chicken wings, bbq, daughter's tent, toys, everything in my kitchen, living room, books (my own and daughter's books), grapes, strawberries and melons.

Just keep combing, combing combing combing. Little one (who's 2) came to me tonight and asked for her turn of combing the 'bee's' out (we have special head lice in our house) so I did more combing and now my hands are: itching itching, itching itching itching. But I think it's in my mind!!

held hands, wiped noses, carried bags, typed on keyboards, steered the car, made pack lunches, stirred a drink, stroked the cat, patted my horse, filled a haynet, carried a bucket, washed the dishes, tidied the house, sorted the laundry, picked up clothes, turned pages, dialed the telephone, tickled, fluffed pillows, twiddled hair, sorted cupboards, changed the channel, cooked the tea, dressed children, changed shoes, unloaded car and organised paperwork.