Guk Guk Guk

Guk Guk Guk

Lori Landau performs the communal mums' poem at the Museum of MotherhoodThe lovely Lori Landau brought her own unique take to curating our communal mums' poem at the Museum of Motherhood for our exhibition in New York last year, and I've only just managed to edit the video! 

Late but definitely not forgotten, here it is...

Lori curated our mums poem as part of our wonderful Make Date with Suzi Banks Baum and Joy Rose - you can read all about that here.

Lori drew together words submitted by mums online and more gathered at the event to create a new communal poem, and encouraged the audience to create their own.

See how she brought us all together and created something beautiful, reminding us of the importance of birthing ourselves before we birth our children, and the value of poetry as a way to discover what truly matters. Even if that is guk.

Settle back and get a taste of our wonderful evening in New York - what a pleasure it was to meet Lori, Suzi, Joy and so many other wonderful visitors.



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