Gran's Can-Can

What three wonderful things can you do now that you're a Gran (or even a Great-Gran)? Kick up your heels and share the best bits of being a Nana.

And feel free to show us your bloomers if the mood takes you.


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Flit in and out
Be magical and smile
Be wise and silly all at the same time
I can eat chocolate without feeling guilty
watch cartoons and laugh
jump on kitchen floor to may the trolley rattle without telling anyone off
Sing silly songs without feeling embarrassed
Have an excuse to really push the silly boat out
Indulge in sniffing the nape of the neck of my darling Erykah Rose
watching my children love and nurture their own brings me incredible joy
having the time to watch them master their milestones savoring the journey
I love all the silly little stories, songs,langueage development,quiet snuggles and big happy to see you Grammie smiles
be even more ridiculously silly and get away with it
feel overwhelming love and yet not the full on responsibility
be in awe of watching my daughter and son in law grow as parents
bake egg/gluten/wheat/dairy free with the grandchildren
read bedtime stories with different voices and lots of noises
act like an idiot in the park because I got grandchildren with me
Write down the daft ditties that pop into my head-and know someone will appreciate them!
Look forward to hours of doodling, dressing up and random acts of GrannyNannyNoonahness!
Celebrate the magical Chain of Life that is my Mum, (who if she could move as fast as she wanted to I couldn't keep up with!), me, my amazing daughter and now her children.
have a nap and call it granny-winks..
Amazed at the profound connection and bonding with so many different grandchildren.
Oooops! My grandson has just passed his driving test!!
Bittersweet feelings of losing and gaining.
Hide in cupboards without being classed as mad
Bed bouncing without being told off
Suck cake mix off my fingers yummmmmmmm
Build amazing Octopods and become multiple Octonaughts without really knowing how!
Endlessly repeating 'don't touch the red or green button' coz that makes the imaginary train zoom uncontrollably to another land!
sit on the floor eating blueberries with the littlies in blissful moment of quiet