Glitterbug99's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

Glitterbug99's Unlikely Meditation for Mamas

Whilst on the losing side of a negotiation with a small child who is convinced that they don't like something they loved yesterday.

As a fork is swiped away and the food tumbles to the floor, and you think "let battle commence"...take your mind forward to after the battle, to fields covered in poppies, where it no longer matters who won each skirmish, and remember that this hour soon passes. Be reminded that this is a trivial frustration compared to these real battles, no matter how it feels at the time.

As you argue about whether or not they like yesterday's favourite food today, be grateful for their fluency in language, and negotiation skills which will carry them far in life.

As you dig deep into your imagination for another way to persuade them to eat one more mouthful, take a moment to look around and wonder at the inspired creativity within you which comes up with these things meal after meal after meal.
As you clear yet another unfinished plate, focus not on the food remaining but on the food which has gone, and remind yourself that your growing, thriving, developing child must be taking on some nutrients.

Get some chocolate out for dessert and have some yourself, and remember - all things will pass!